graphic design


word & image as intimate partners


The illustration above is a collage of stock market pages in a colorful array of images. Although this was the cover of a company report that several years ago attracted a $50m client, times have certainly changed and innovation and “creativity” in the financial realm is certainly not what people are looking for. . . yet, it is only when we can imagine outside of the usual way of doing and seeing challenges, that breakthroughs can occur. Bluestein Associates will look into your company, business, and corporate strategy and find the way to revision it for these times. Fear diminishes and shuts down possibilities. Our role is to reignite enthusiasm and confidence in your product or service and to give you the tools to tell the world about it. Whether in printed matter or on the web, image and word must be intimate partners telling your story in a way that builds confidence, trust, and the courage to move forward.

Recent Clients

Technical skills

  1. 1.Web design and maintenance using CSS, XHTML, and a variety of web building programs.

  2. 2.Logo design

  3. 3.Word and image: writing and design to get your message out into the world in every way possible.